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Founded by Dr. Ennapadam S Krishnamoorthy, Neurokrish is a beacon where neuropsychiatry intertwines with integrative medicine. Our quest is to understand and illuminate the intricate pathways of the human psyche, guiding individuals on a journey of self-discovery and holistic wellness.
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Illume stands out as a revolutionary personal coaching paradigm. It's not just about surface-level interactions or guidance; Illume delves deeper.

Introducing Illume – a pioneering personal coaching paradigm rooted in neuroscience, mental health, and ancient philosophical traditions. Journey from darkness to light, uncovering the links between your brain, mind, and the indefinable essence of your soul.
Beyond Feeling: A Workbook for Emotional Mastery

Beyond Feeling is a comprehensive workbook designed to guide you on a journey towards emotional mastery.

Drawing upon cutting-edge neuroscience, mindfulness practices, and psychological insights, this workbook offers practical tools and strategies to help you understand, regulate, and harness the power of your emotions. Through a series of engaging activities, self-assessments, and reflective exercises, Beyond Feeling will empower you to cultivate emotional intelligence, resilience, and overall mental well-being. Dive into the world of emotions, explore the science behind them, and emerge with a newfound understanding of how to navigate the complexities of your inner world. Experience emotional transformation and achieve balance with Beyond Feeling.
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You will gain a deeper understanding of neuropsychiatric disorders, their impact on individuals and society, and the cutting-edge approaches being employed to address them. Whether you are a healthcare professional, a patient, a caregiver, or simply someone interested in learning more about the brain and mind, the “Think” section offers a wealth of knowledge to expand your horizons. Begin your journey of discovery now and join our community of neuro-curious individuals committed to advancing the field of neuropsychiatry and improving the lives of those affected by these conditions.
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Betciti Сделай выбор – играй

Беттинговая компания БетСіті Компания BETCITY зарегистрирована в течение 2003 года. За это время она установила себе репутацию надежного букмекера. Её работу букмекерская контора осуществляет по

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The Neurology of Spirituality: Unveiling the Mysteries of Hyper-religiosity and Spiritual Practice

Research has linked the right hippocampus to hyper-religiosity in individuals with epilepsy, as confirmed by functional imaging studies. Neurological effects of spiritual practice, such as a state of union with the divine, can also be observed in EEG and fMRI patterns. Repeated spiritual or religious activities can lead to more synchronous brain pathway functioning, similar to how actions like driving become automatic with repetition. The findings offer valuable insights into the connection between religious experiences and brain structure.

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The Stranger In The Mirror neurokrish

The Stranger In The Mirror

Mad Tales looks at the way Hindi cinema has portrayed human emotions, madness in particular, down the decades and what these caricatures tell us about ourselves as a society.

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The Almighty Within neurokrish

The Almighty Within

Most dictionaries describe religion as “a way of life”. Religious beliefs, practices and experiences of individuals in our society, appear to have a strong cultural basis in their evolution

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The Impact of Psychotropic Substances on the Brain and Psyche

The brain is highly adaptive and develops more receptors specific to a substance when introduced to it, potentially leading to a cycle of increased consumption. This impact varies among individuals. Regular use causes observable damage to both the brain and personality, leading some to commit acts entirely out of character. This shows a significant alteration in one’s core self, emphasizing the profound impact substances can have on both the brain and psyche.

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Pari Win – Регистрация открыта

БУКМЕКЕРСКАЯ КОНТОРА PARIWIN ПариВин – популярное казино онлайн. Здесь огромный выбор азартных развлечений, привлекательные условия. Можно проводить время за рулеткой, слотами, живыми играми, блекджеком, другими

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Illume is our coaching & mentoring service.

Brain Plasticity and Its Astounding Impacts on Human Abilities

The brain’s remarkable adaptability is highlighted through various studies and real-life examples. Professor V.S. Ramachandran’s research on people with lost limbs shows the brain’s ability to remap itself. London cab drivers memorizing the city’s complex map led to growth in the hippocampus, the brain’s memory center. A case by Oliver Sacks illustrates how a surgeon discovered extraordinary musical talents following a traumatic event. These examples underscore that while individuals have innate skills or tendencies, these can change with exposure and training. The importance of acknowledging and respecting these individual inclinations is emphasized, as fostering natural strengths and passions often yields the best results.

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Regularly updated and curated by our team, our Blog aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of neuropsychiatry, its challenges, and its potential. We invite you to explore, learn, and share your thoughts as we work together to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and improve the lives of those affected by neuropsychiatric disorders.
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Through a series of conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops, and public lectures, we bring together professionals and lay audiences to explore the fascinating world of neuropsychiatry. Discover the latest advances, interdisciplinary collaboration, and innovative approaches to mental health, while contributing to reducing the stigma surrounding neuropsychiatric disorders. Join us on this enlightening journey as we continue to “Rise” and transform the landscape of mental health in India.

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