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Buddhi Clinic stands out as a multifaceted integrative health facility. Stretched over four levels, it offers a blend of conventional medication practices and alternative treatments such as Ayurveda, naturopathy, and yoga. A dedicated floor for rehabilitation houses services like neurodevelopmental therapy, speech and occupational therapy, and more. With a commitment to care for all ages, the clinic welcomes young patients with developmental challenges and elderly individuals facing ailments like dementia, Parkinson’s, and stroke. Offering 15 distinct treatments, the facility ensures that patients can personalize their therapeutic journey with professional guidance, marking the distinctiveness of Buddhi Clinic.
“Beyond Feeling, Your Emotional Brain” is a profound exploration of the intricate relationship between our brain and our emotions. This enlightening book emphasizes that our fleeting feelings are underpinned by the complex neural activities of the brain, which, in essence, gives rise to the mind. It offers a unique perspective, suggesting that our tangible neural processes are closely interwoven with our intangible thoughts, emotions, and consciousness. The book doesn’t merely offer scientific insights but encourages readers to delve deep into their understanding of emotions, proposing that the ‘mind’ isn’t abstract but a product of our dynamic brain. In a world increasingly recognizing mental health’s importance, “Beyond Feeling” serves as a crucial bridge connecting physiological and psychological realms of human emotions.

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