Neurokrish has been at the forefront of raising awareness to both professional and lay audiences, bringing to Indian shores a series of conferences, symposia, seminars & workshops as well as public lectures over two decades.


– Buddhi Clinic’s Brain and Behaviour Dialogue with the legendary Prof. Michael R Trimble of University College, London, curated and presented by Neurokrish The Buddhi

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40th T S Srinivasan Oration

 Every decade of TS Srinivasan orations, marks yet another significant milestone in the global neuroscience arena. Prof. Ralph L. Sacco Ralph L. Sacco, MD, MS, is

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TS Srinivasan

Co-founded by Dr. Krishnamoorthy Srinivas our mentor and Mr. Venu Srinivasan (Chairman, TVS Motors Ltd.) this program has over 40 years brought international luminaries in neurology and neuroscience to India.
Lead by Dr. Ennapadam S Krishnamoorthy from 2002, the program evolved to an annual conclave and a range of allied activities under the TS Srinivasan Chair



In line with its commitment to empower of both professionals and lay people through continued education, the neuropsychiatry center arranges a range of educational workshops and raising awareness lectures each year. A brief description of some signature programs is below.


Dementia neurokrish
As the burden of dementia in non-Western cultures grows, developing nations are expected to overtake developed nations in terms of dementia prevalence. Dementia: A Global Approach fills this gap by integrating contemporary cross-cultural knowledge about dementia.
Epilespy neurokrish
This comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to epilepsy compares and contrasts scientific knowledge, clinical experience and social consciousness between Western and non-Western cultures, providing a paradigm for an integrative, truly global health policy .
Beyond feeling neurokrish
For much of the last two centuries, the brain and mind have been as disparate. While neurologists and psychiatrists have observed and described the rich interface between the two, it is only in the last two decades that this interplay is acknowledged with ease.
Tusitala neurokrish
He was a brilliant, incisive doctor and practised dynamic, conservative and inclusive neurology, very successfully. Neurology was integral to internal medicine and I was lucky to collaborate with him for 51 years (literally till his last breath!).
neuraphychaitry neurokrish
An international academic leader he is the immediate Past President of the International Neuropsychiatric Association. In his 3 decade long career in the brain & mind interface Dr. Krishnamoorthy has occupied academic, professional, social impact & entrepreneurial leadership roles

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