The neuropsychiatry center has a unique, process driven, workflow model: One that addresses a person with problems of the brain & mind comprehensively, arriving at a diagnostic formulation that leads to integrative care and rehabilitation. This workflow and process model, considered widely as a best clinical practice model, has been presented by invitation at prestigious international forums:

British Epilepsy Association; Oxford, 2009: lead to the landmark publication Krishnamoorthy ES & Gilliam F. Best clinical and research practice in adult epileptology. Epilepsy & Behavior 2009

International Neuropsychiatry Association: Chennai, 2008; Kyoto, 2011; Chicago, 2013; Jerusalem, 2015 and has been published in the international scientific proceedings of these meetings

World Health Organization, 2012: It has received special recognition as a best practice model of care in The World Health Report 2012 (on Dementia) a landmark publication by the WHO.

With both a Medical Center & a Knowledge Center, The neuropsychiatry center @NEUROKRISH combines seamlessly the analysis and care of patients, with knowledge development, education and research.

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