Oliver Sacks, neurologist & writer famously wrote about “Witty-Ticcy Ray” a surgeon with Tourette syndrome. Not an uncommon neurological syndrome in children tics are characterized by sharp involuntary movements and vocalizations. At the neuropsychiatry center we study these in-depth, our founder having served the national Tourette clinic at Queen Square for four years.

Children with tic disorders often have co-morbid problems- attention deficit & hyperactivity (ADHD), learning disorders, oppositional defiance, conduct problems and a range of behavioral issues. The problem is therefore seldom merely cosmetic and restricted to involuntary movements and gestures.

From determining biological causality (such as Wilson’s disease) for the symptom, to combining drugs and non-pharmacological treatments to achieve good outcomes in our Buddhi program, we at the neuropsychiatry center have demonstrable interest & expertise.

View Prof. MM Robertson’s lecture to the 8th INA Congress hosted by us in Chennai

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