It represents a delay in intellectual milestones that begins early, definitely before 18 years of age and is more common in males. At the neuropsychiatry center we assess mental retardation with a focus on brain development, biology & genetics. In particular we are focused on identifying reversible causes, such as state dependent learning disability.

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Mental Retardation, Epilepsy and Behavior from Neurokrish

It is noteworthy that patients with mild forms of Mental Retardation have multifarious causes for their condition while those with severe mental retardation have predominantly genetic causes. Patients with mental retardation also have additional problems, seizures and behavioral dysfunction in about 50% of cases.

At the neuropsychiatry center we analyze intellect, seizures and behavior in tandem. Our Buddhi program addresses the gamut of problems- seizures, mood swings, acting out behaviors, delayed self-help skills, problems with emotional expression & socialization etc.

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