The Child with Autistic Spectrum Disorder presents with a unique triad of problems- language development & communication, emotional expression and socialization being typically affected.

View our slideshare “Neurodevelopment & Neuropsychiatric Disorders” to understand the origins of temperament & behavior.

Often the history is of normal development until 12-24 months of age, followed by regression and later a failure to develop critical milestones. Many of these children do compensate, with some unique abilities being preserved, even enhanced.

We deconstruct the child with ASD identifying underlying neurobiology (including abnormal brain rhythms), bodily issues (often dietary & neurometabolic), learning and intellectual impairment, co-existing hyperactivity or tic disorders, family, social, environmental (including school) and educational factors. We comprehensively address Autism “beyond medication” in our Buddhi program.

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