• At the neuropsychiatry center we have a specialized epilepsy service that addresses the brain, mind and seizures interface. As old as modern medicine itself, this interface fascinated Hippocrates, our founding father who famously wrote, “melancholics become epileptics and epileptics melancholics”. }

    We invite your attention to the blog post “The Inside Man” to understand how epilepsy impacts on the human personality.View Prof. Simon Shorvon’s lecture on epilepsy
  • Across the lifespan, seizures, behavior, emotions and cognition are closely inter-related, an interface that we at Neurokrish specialize in. Indeed, our contributions to this interface through the work of our founder ESK at the Institute of Neurology, Queen Square and later as Chairman of the International League Against Epilepsy- Commission on Psychobiology have been considerable. Our unique interdisciplinary approach to epilepsy care has evolved from this nearly two decade long global experience. From drug optimization for seizure & neuropsychiatric betterment to medical and physical co-morbidity, cognition, behavior, emotions, adjustment with work, family and society, our epilepsy clinic addresses them all with considerable aplomb. And we deal with this interface across the lifespan: children with epilepsy and intellectual-behavioral problems; adolescents and adults with epilepsy with problems in education & work; people with epilepsy who have anxiety, depression, psychotic symptoms & unusual personality traits; elders with epilepsy and neurodegenerative illness; we develop customized solutions for each person. Read more about integrated care for epilepsy
  • Epicare: A fountain of knowledge about living with epilepsy, Epicare has a substantive fund of information- medical, social & legal. Discover Epicare & be empowered!

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