Brain injury, both traumatic and non-traumatic (infectious, inflammatory, post-stroke, metabolic, neoplastic (tumor/ cancer) has devastating impact on people, their careers, families and persona. Modern medicine has revolutionized the treatment of most forms of brain injury, ensuring lives are saved and the impact of the injury minimized. Nevertheless, brain injury does have physical, cognitive (intellectual) and emotional/ behavioral consequences, which need attention and correction. However, following the acute phase of treatment, most people and families have to fend for themselves, trying to rope in locally available resources like physiotherapy, in order to help the affected person continue to improve.

BIRC is a structured program that has been developed with brain injury and rehabilitation thereof as its focus. In BIRO, a pre-rehab assessment is carried out by the team to establish the level of physical, cognitive, emotional-behavioral and social disability that has resulted. Thereafter, a structured interdisciplinary intervention is instituted, taking into consideration the different problems. BIRC leverages on the TRIMED experience of integrative medical therapy to provide a comprehensive and holistic solution to the client. A key component of BIRO is cognitive retraining, a structured process whereby memory, language and other key brain functions are improved.

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