At Neurokrish we have an Ageing Brain Clinic (ABC) to address memory and other unique problems of brain ageing. As our brains age, we experience the twin troubles of sub-optimal circulation of blood and neuro-chemical degeneration. The consequences are multimodal- motor (physical), cognitive (memory & learning) and emotional-behavioral.

From a motor perspective, the ageing brain leads to poor hand-eye coordination, disturbances of gait and balance, clumsiness & falls, difficulty in performing talks that require coordinated effort despite seemingly normal power and strength etc.

From the memory and cognition perspective our ability to pay attention and concentrate, commit information to memory, recall critical information when required, synthesize information from multiple sources and utilize the same appropriately, problem-solve etc. all become affected.

From an emotional-behavioral perspective advancing age brings with it the need for sameness, poor acceptance of changing social circumstances, inflexibility and rigidity, low frustration tolerance etc., all of which have an impact both on the person and the family.

While this myriad of problems may present in minor forms, for reasons that are purely physiological (normative brain ageing), they can also herald the onset of pathological changes in the brain with potentially serious consequences: Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, Parkinson’s disease with its many variants, strokes, and a number of allied neurodegenerative conditions.

At ABC we carry out a multidisciplinary team assessment, a World Health Organization recognized best practice model, published in the World Health Report on Dementia (2012) of which our founder (Dr. ESK) was the Global Editor.

Here, the range of neurobiological factors including reversible causes- deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, subtle infections, undetected inflammations etc, are screened for; we assess physical-motor disability; memory and cognition (neuropsychological assessment); psychosocial, emotional and family factors, caregiver burden and stress etc. The detailed report we generate, invariably gives pointers to appropriate and comprehensive management by our interdisciplinary team. At ABC we plan together with our service affiliates (TRIMED centers and the TRIMED-GRACE home based program) a suitable treatment intervention for the elder.

If you are an elder or have en elderly relative with some problems of brain ageing (detailed herein), do reach out to us.

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