At the neuropsychiatry center we assess you in-depth, using international tools chosen personally by our widely travelled founder, Dr. ESK, in ways that you may have never experienced in your prior consultations & interactions.

Our team of professionals seamlessly create for each client a bio-psycho-social “brain-mind map”, blending biomedical neuropsychiatry, neuropsychology, neurophysiology & computational neuroscience Armed with this detail, we are able to tackle the most complex and chronic conditions with aplomb. Our in-depth assessment therefore is the foundation on which we build our treatment programs. It’s a Master Health Check-Up, but one that is hugely different from anything you may have experienced.

Lab Cerebrum

Mind Lab

Here you will meet our experienced clinical psychologists with their array of tests and tools that deconstruct your brain and mind function. You will experience them, putting you (or your loved one) through your paces, gently and sensitively, measuring with precision, various domains of your brain and mind function.

Nerve Lab

Here you will meet our experienced electrophysiology tech. Watch him wield his electrodes and computer with aplomb. Using an array of brain and nerve mapping tools to assess your function, map out dysfunction, developing the process a range of colorful maps and graphs.

Brain Lab

Get ready to meet our tech geek with his tablets and games. Fun he promises you (or your loved one), but with a purpose! To understand your brain and mind function, deconstructing domains of dysfunction and identifying areas of future potential.

Integrative Medicine Lab

Meet our colleagues in the Trimed team. Let them assess you holistically: Allopathy, Ayurveda and Naturopathy, with a brain & mind focus. Prakruthi, doshas, chakras we test them all, informing and educating you about your function, dysfunction & true potential.

Alchemists’ Chamber

When you have met our team of consummate professionals, and each has developed a report, you will return to the Alchemists’ Chamber. Here our founder Dr. ESK will integrate the findings and explain their significance to you. He will also draw up for you, after careful consideration and discussion a therapeutic roadmap, one that goes far beyond medication; one that links up our centers, your home, and the hospitals we work from.

Reach Us

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