At NEUROKRISH we have vast experience in a number of critical domains relevant to clinical, community and research organizations in healthcare.

  • Developing process models of assessment and treatment
  • Developing comprehensive care paradigms
  • Assimilating & interpreting data: both qualitative & quantitative
  • Report development: scientific, technical, corporate
  • Conferences, workshops, training, coaching
Read the World Health Report 2012 on Dementia– our founder was one of the four global editors..

“…Alzheimer’s disease burdens an increasing number of our Nation’s elders and their families, and it is essential that we confront the challenge it poses to our public health…”
President Barack Obama, United States of America, 2011


Our Collaborative Stories

Social & Academic Impact: TINS VHS & VHS-CARES

When our founder Dr. ESK got involved in the Neurology department in VHS, in the year 2000, there was a small multidisciplinary team delivering clinical services, limited internship based teaching and two successful annual orations. An explosion of development followed his appointment. The Institute of Neurological Sciences with constituent project based centers funded by philanthropy and corporate social responsibility: clinical neurology, neuroscience, information & education, epilepsy & electrophysiology, stroke care and rehabilitation were established. International collaborations with the Institute of Neurology & Institute of Psychiatry in London, Alzheimer’s Disease International, WHO grants, Wellcome Trust studentships, all followed suit as did a Master of Science in Clinical Neuroscience (with the University of Madras) and an interdisciplinary PhD program in Neuropsychiatry, Clinical Neuroscience & Disability studies with TN Dr. MGR Medical University. A number of conferences, workshops and symposia, many in collaboration with prestigious organizations, were engendered. From 2000 to 2012 (when Prof. ESK stepped down from administrative leadership) sums of close to USD 1.5 million had been raised through over 15 projects. Many major Indian business conglomerates contributed (and continue to support) TINS VHS including but not restricted to TVS, UCAL, Murugappa, Reliance Industries, SANMAR; as too a number of individual philanthropic donors.

Read some key press reports about this social impact work (need link for this)

Start-Up Magic- TRIMED

We began in Chennai as a small multidisciplinary outfit providing in-depth analysis and therapy in the new millennium. Over time we could fathom the growing burden of chronic disease and disability in the community & specialty we served, as well as the felt need for innovative solutions that would take us back to our roots. TRIMED began as a pilot project in 2009, a unique effort by our Founder (ESK) to respond to neuropsychiatric illness by blending in traditional systems. Modern medicine lead, TRIMED has evolved into an integrative medical therapy and rehabilitation program, one that has shown it to be sustainable and replicable, one that blends modern science with the richness of ancient medical traditions. With a luminary board of accomplished advisors and its Series-A round of formal angel funding in place, TRIMED is set to expand into a multi-city multi-center enterprise. Read more

Engendering Academic Collaboration- The TSS-NIMHANS Chair in Clinical Neuroscience

With the TS Srinivasan Chair in Clinical Neuroscience having been established in NIMHANS, Neurokrish Consulting Pvt. Ltd. has been retained by Sundaram Clayton Group of TVS & the TS Srinivasan Charitable Trust as Medical & Scientific Advisor to the project. For more about this effort read

We innovate Home Care – Neurokrish & TriMed launch a Mobile Unit

Neurokrish & TriMed have launched a home assessment & rehabilitation service that targets the elderly and those with medical disability who cannot travel for rehabilitation. This service brings the allopathic physician, ayurved, naturopath, physiotherapist & psychological therapist to the doorstep of patient needs and deliver an optimal integrative care program. Next month, we go one step further, launching India’s First Integrative Mobile Therapy Unit- a fully equipped ambulance (donated by Sundaram BNPP Home Finance) that will bring the best of therapy paradigms to the homebound client. Curious? Contact us for details.





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