There may be a number of causes for depression in people with epilepsy including biological reasons. The potential relationship between epilepsy, depressive feelings and depressive illness may be classified as follows:

– Depressive reaction to acquiring the label of epilepsy.
– Depressive reaction to social/family problems of epilepsy.
– Prodromal depressive feelings before a seizure.
– Depressive feelings as an aura
– Depressive feelings as an ictal experience
– Post-ictal depressive feelings
– Depressive twilight state
– Epileptic Depressive delirium
– Endogenous depression unrelated directly to seizures, but possibly due to their increase in frequency.
– Depressive symptoms occurring in association with other mental illnesses.
– Social consequences of being a person with epilepsy in relation to their ability to function effectively in the work place as well as a family supporter.

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