In family counselling, all members of a family see a therapist. They explore how a change in one family member can affect the whole family.

When children have epilepsy, how well they cope often depends on how well their family copes. Families need to live with a person’s seizures without blaming or resenting that person.

Families can be a great source of support, but they can also cause problems. Some parents are too protective, which can make the child with epilepsy overly dependent. Other children in the family may feel left out.

Sometimes family problems have been developing for so long that it is hard for family members to see them or understand why they are happening. A counselor can help family members:

  1. In adjustments to be made at different times – school, work, marriage.
  2. Loss of independence – over-protection from parents
  3. Counselling parents in child rearing
  4. Minimizing psychological responses – self esteem/depression/aggression/loss of control as seizure can occur anytime without warning.

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