Years ago, people with epilepsy were not allowed to hold a driving license all over the world. With the availability of effective Anti Epileptic drugs, many developed countries have relaxed the rules for issuing driving license. But, this has not been done in India.

In India, the Motor Vehicle Act is uniform all over the country and is formulated by the Central Government. The State Government is authorized to make required amendments with a view to implement the laws.

Current status on issuing of Driving License is that all applicants irrespective of age, have to fill up Form – 1 (Application cum declaration to the physical fitness) and if declared as having epilepsy, then has to undergo a medical examination. Inspite of medical recommendations, there is no provision to issue a driving license if the person has epilepsy. Thus, according to current Indian Law, a person with epilepsy cannot drive. Medical examination is compulsory irrespective of age for all applicants for transport vehicle driving license. For non-transport vehicle driving license, medical examination is required only if they are above the age of 40 years.

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