Yes. But the success depends on many factors; type of epilepsy, accuracy of diagnosis, accuracy of treatment, compliance, associated handicaps and social problems.

With appropriate drug treatment, seizures can be completely controlled in the majority of people. In some, the tendency to have seizures diminishes with time, but maximum control should still be sought as early as possible. It may be necessary to take antiepileptic drugs for a period of years even if seizures have stopped.

Some people, however, continue to have seizures despite appropriate treatment. A small portion of such people may benefit from neurosurgery, but this is only usually recommended in people whose seizures can be shown to arise from activity in one discrete area of the brain. Even if seizures continue, it should be possible to adjust the drug regime so that the condition remains stable, to allow the person to function at an optimal level.

Many people are able to keep their seizures to a minimum by avoiding situations which they know may bring on a seizure. These may include lack of sleep, too much alcohol, emotional upsets or not taking tablets as directed. Practising such “self care” is a vital part of overall management of Epilepsy.

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